Sunday, 28 August 2016

Lancome UV Expert BB Complete: Holy Grail BB for Daytime :)

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I previously have written about Bobbi Brown BB cream and I absolutely love it! But since the UV protection from Bobbi Brown is only SPF 35, so I thought I needed to wear something with more protection to UV light. Thus, I found Lancome BB Complete with SPF 50 and PA+++. I think I already bought this Lancome BB last year and have been wearing it very often since then. But at first, I didn't like this BB since it's too greasy even after I set it with Clinique compact or loose powder. But apparently, this was because of the moisturiser I used that time. I used to wear Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion or Even Better Brightening Moisture Cream Plus at that time. While those products did give me the moisture I'd want my skin to have, the humidity in Jakarta is just not suitable for these kinds of moisturiser.
Lancome BB colour
Lancome BB after blended out
But then, a few months ago since my skin started to have breakouts again, I switched to Clinique anti-blemish solutions that is less oily than the 2 other products I had used. I realised that this BB cream actually turns out very brilliantly on me! It has enough moisturiser to blend easily and sits nicely on my skin. It gives my skin radiant and healthy glow. It is very light that some people think it's just my bare skin without any makeup :) I just wish my skin was free from breakouts since this BB doesn't cover redness from my pimples. It just helps to even out skin tone and gives glow to skin.

Like most of the mid to high-end BB creams, Lancome BB Complete doesn't look cakey nor oxidise after a few hours. Though my skin looks a bit shiny after a long day, it still doesn't wash away, except after I go thru a gym session.
Lancome UV Expert BB Complete SPF 50 PA+++
What is special about this BB cream is that it claims to be tested and developed for Asian skin. It is also made in Japan. And despite it doesn't claim to be "anti-acnegenic" or "non-comedogenic" on the package, I feel that this BB doesn't cause me breakout. I keep wearing this during my ugly breakout days on top of the skin care layers from the dermatologist and it causes no new pimples. Some other days when I set this BB with Kanebo or Laura Mercier Loose Powder, my breakouts get worse. But with this alone, they don't :)
Morning look w/ Lancome BB Complete + Clinique Compact Powder
If you don't have too much to cover, I think this BB alone goes well with powder blush. They're just enough to give you natural flushed skin for daily look. I absolutely L-O-V-E it! Just blot the excess grease with an oil blotting paper and voila, you're good to go!

The packaging comes in white plastic squeeze tube with a flip cap, just like a regular BB cream packaging. The texture is in between creamy and lotiony but a bit lighter than the Bobbi Brown BB. The color is also brighter than the Bobbi Brown, which makes sense since it has less coverage and creates more natural look than the Bobbi Brown BB.

On the downside, this BB cream is actually quite pricey. It costs IDR 750k (around US$ 57) for a 30mL size. And you sure need a good concealer if you have pimples or scars to cover.

Finally, I rate this product 4.5 out of 5 for the look it creates, UV protection and no negative effects to my acne-prone skin. The only downside of this is just the price. But oh well, isn't that just an average price for such a top brand?

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