Sunday, 29 July 2012

Etude House AC Clinic Pink Powder + Intense Red Spot Balm

Hey y'all!
I know it's been such a loooonngggg time since my last post :-p 
Before going back to Jakarta, I was quite busy with work and school. Then in Jakarta, I was busy getting my papers authorized for school enrollment and then visa application. Then I came back in Taipei 3 weeks ago, went to school to get enrollment letter and I finally found out that I'd lost my job *sobs*. So yeah, here I am now, back to my blog during my free time (which is almost 24-7 now). 

I recently feel that my skin has not been its best condition. Pimples start popping up on my skin, especially on my forehead and even cheeks area. Small pimples on the forehead and big ones on my cheeks. It's been frustrating since the acne gel that I previously used (Nexcare) didn't dry out the pimples fast and entirely. I had also tried pimple cream from Mentholatum Acnes and acne gel from Sebamed. But they all almost the same. I apply them day and night, after washing my face, before applying moisturizer and make up. In the morning, my skin usually got better, but in the evening, the pimples grew bigger again *crybaby*. 

Then I got to think, perhaps I should not put any make-up on the pimple area, so the pores won't be clogged and the acne gel might work better. Fortunately, I had been off work and school so there is no need for me to put make-up on everyday. So I tried to avoid make-ups and I kinda felt the difference. Only they did not work fast and effective enough on the small pimples at my forehead :-( The scar and red spots stayed there and that area was still easily irritated if sometimes I put foundation or powder on. 

One day I discovered a hidden treasure in my room. From my previous purchases at Etude House, I got a mini bottle of Etude House AC Clinic Pink Powder Spot + Extream. I don't know that the "extream" means though. Never bothered to try that but that time I was curious and searched for the product reviews online. I found many positive reviews of the product and also how to use it. Yeah, this is not a common acne gel or cream so I needed to know how to apply it. 

The bottle consists of pink powdery material and clear liquid (I suppose this is the alcohol, not oil). If you shake the bottle, both material will be mixed, but will separate again if you put it still for a moment. You should take a piece of cotton bud and dip it into the powder. Apply it on the pimple spots and leave it overnight. I usually don't put moisturizer on the spots area, just to be sure it'd work at its best. Yes, you only use this powder at night, so no need to worry your face will have white spots during the day :-p . And usually, this powder is used for the big pimples. The medication works and the pimples shrink overnight. In the morning I find the pimples are smaller and after 1-2 days they dry out entirely. This also work for the cracked pimples. If your pimples already bleed, it feels a bit sore when you apply the powder. I find this product very satisfying and hope Etude House wouldn't discontinue such a good product ;)
FYI, the product smells bitter like an old Chinese medication but I don't feel it annoying at all, as long as it can banish those nasty zits effectively.
Rating: 4.9 out of 5, the only minus point is that it can't be used during the day.

Another product that I have been using from this line is the AC Clinic Intense Red Spot Balm. I didn't get the trial sachet of this product, but since it also got positive reviews from the beauty bloggers, then why wouldn't I try it? When I bought the product, it came with an AC Clinic Daily Acne Foam Cleanser. The balm comes in 20gr pot with a small spoon (that you use to dig in the pot) and the foam in mini small tube (30ml). I paid NT 520 or around USD 17 for both. From the reviews and the SA, I knew that this product is used to banish small pimples and red-scars. But I also use it to cover the big pimples during the day, which I apply before moisturizer and make-up. I am sooo happy that it works as good as the pink powder. The small pimples on my forehead is almost ENTIRELY removed now and the redness on my cheeks (from the big acnes) is fading away. I think I can say "hello" again to my flawless skin in no time ;-) 
The balm has a faint medicine smell, so it's better than the pink powder. You only need to apply small amount of it on the pimple area, so this small jar could last quite long.
Rating: 4.9 out of 5, I think it would be more hygienic if it came in tube.
And the facial foam? Hmmm.. It's rather too drying for my face, so I'd rather stick to my Softymo facial foam from Kose. But if you have oily face, this foam might be good for you. It also smells like the pink powder, btw.
Rating: 1 out of 5. This is too drying. 

Ps: Really sorry for the pics that I took from other sites. I left my digicam at home and haven't got a new smart phone in the mean time. 


  1. hi ^^ km sekolah/kuliah di taipei kah?
    salam kenal yah :D nice review
    i love this product too ^-^ works well for my skin
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  3. Hey there, i was wondering if you had trouble wiping off the balm, it just doesn't seem to come off! How did you do it?