Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Shiseido Ma Cherie Perfect Shower Hair Mist

After my purchasing my second item from Ma Cherie hair care range, I'm lovin' this brand even more! So when I ran out of my Ma Cherie End Cure Milk, I was thinking about buying another hair care product for a replacement. Then I had a hard time in deciding which product from what brand to buy. I was tempted to buy Shiseido Tsubaki at first, but considering the price, I finally chose Ma Cherie.

This hair moisturizer is actually not very similar to the End Cure Milk. This product seems to keep the moisture at the body of your hair while the End Cure Milk is to repair the split-ended hair. This product can also be used as a protector before hair-drying. You can use this hair-mist anytime when you feel that your hair is dry and needs a refreshment.

The bottle looks quite cute and girly because it is dominated with pink and white color. The sprayer works perfectly. When I shake the bottle, I could see the texture of the liquid is quite runny, so it should not be sticky and weigh down your hair. When I sprayed my hand and smelled it, it smelled quite nice but also quite faint, so the scent fades away very quickly on my hair as well. But maybe it's not bad if you use it as a supplementary to Ma Cherie Airy Feel Treatment, your hair would smell as sweet as candy!

I usually use Ma Cherie Perfect Shower right after I wash my hair at night before bed. So firstly I wash my hair with Hair & Scalp Shampoo, then continue with Kracie Hair Conditioner OR Ma Cherie Air Feel Treatment. Then I rinse my hair, dry it with towel then I use my hair-dryer until my hair is half-dry but still damp. This time I spray my hair with Ma Cherie Perfect Shower and use my fingers to detangle my hair and finally I blow my hair until it's dry enough to sleep. The next morning I can feel my hair is softer and lighter.

I rate this product 3.5 out of 5. This is an OK product but not a must have one, it's better to use as a supplementary to the End Cure Milk if you have budget to splurge on.

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