Thursday, 1 September 2011

Fight dandruff away!!!

I had been suffering from dandruff for a few years. I tried to banish those shameful white flakes by washing my hair everyday. But actually that didn't help more than reducing the itchiness on my scalp :-( It even dried my hair and of course caused a severe hair falls. I tried several anti-dandruff shampoos from the supermarket when I was still in Indonesia. But they barely did anything to my hair problems. I was quite desperate that I stopped using anti-dandruff shampoo since it only made my dry hair even drier and solve neither my dandruff nor hair fall problem.

I am quite grateful to have moved here in Taipei, Taiwan. Now I can try HEAPS of hair care brands at beauty stores near my house. I never found many of them in Indonesia but I have read their reviews on the net. So everytime I get into beauty stores, I am tempted to try ALL of them. Especially the ones with cute color packaging or sweet smell.

I eventually put my choice to Hair and Scalp from Head & Shoulders to handle my dandruff problem. The packaging, well how should I say, has no beauty. Okay, this is from Head & Shoulders right? They actually sell various products from Head & Shoulders itself here, but why did I choose the one with the most simple packaging and named under another sub-brand? Well, simply because from this simple package and a new sub-brand, I had an impression that this sub-brand is more focused and targeted to a serious stage of dandruff-problem. I had done a short check on this brand on the net actually, but didn't find any reviews about this product. So when there was a discount at Watson, I bought it at NT69 or USD 2.3 for a 200ml bottled shampoo. This price is quite worth trying, isn't it? ;-)

The shampoo texture is quite common, just like another shampoo that you find at the supermarket and it has milky-white color. It has floral scent, quite nice though. The shampoo produce much bubbles so I can feel that my hair is clean after washing.

After one or two weeks using this shampoo, I already felt the result. My scalp was then less itchy and when I scratched my scalp, no flakes fell down. The better thing is that now I have much lesser hair falls than I used to have. I can also feel that this shampoo does not dry my hair as much as my previous anti-dandruff shampoo did. But maybe I have to mention that I am using a good conditioner now. LOL!!

In conclusion, this is the BEST anti-dandruff shampoo that I have used so far (I have used several ranges from Clear before), the result is satisfying and the price is super economic (normal price NT 119 or USD 4 for 200ml). I rate this product 4.5 out of 5 for its quality V^_^V it only has minor point on its packaging.

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