Sunday, 21 August 2011

My Yummy-Lippie-Glossy

I was on top of my disappointment to my former Carmex Lip Care since my chapped lips did not get better at all after using Carmex for a couple of weeks. Then I thought I really should buy something better to treat my lips. Well, who wants to have unhealthy-chapped lips, right? My lips were cracked and it hurt! :"(

I have no other reference so I ended up buying my old baby, Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Lip Butter. I bought it once in winter but I accidentally threw it into the dustbin in the office's toilet. It was impossible to fetch it from the dustbin, sadly I had to let it go :-(

It did a very good job to my lips when I first bought it, so I re-purchased it. It cost me twice Carmex's price, NT 199 or about USD 6.8 at Watson. But well, money can't lie, price speaks the quality of the product. It was one of my great decisions I've made to repurchase this lip butter. It started to heal my lips since the first night I apply it before sleep. I found the crack on my bottom lips healed the next morning. My colleague, who had always complained if I peeled off my chapped lips also notice that I did not do it anymore, "I have nothing to peel off now :) "

Not only the quick healing effect, but I'm also lovin' its yummy taste! It has dark chocolate & cherry flavor as written on the packaging. So I can say this is a very nice prep if you plan on a date with your BF so he might taste it too when you.. you know.. kiss him. LoL!! :-p Don't worry it does not feel sticky at all, both of you will L-O-V-E it!! ^_* This adds gloss to your lips but has no color. It looks like gel and the texture is not as thick as the Carmex Lip Care.

I rate this lip butter 5 out of 5 stars for its taste, texture and healing properties. I am very satisfied ^^v

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