Tuesday, 9 October 2012

My Holy Grail: Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Refining Moisture Cream Complex

Hey Beauties,

What are you up to these days? Meh? Well, my last week was hectic that I didn't get any day off!
Thus Monday came and I don't think I've had enough beauty sleep :-/
But today I've talked to my boss and she agreed to loosen up my working hour (yeaayy!!). I don't have to go to the cram school if there's no teaching schedule (thanks be to God!). I just hope that I'd have more time to finish my readings, prepare my papers and presentation. Oh yeah, I would also blog more often if I have spare time =)

So I believe most of you have known Elizabeth Arden or at least you've ever heard of it. What's the first thing comes into your mind when you hear this brand? Old? Classy? For me, I thought this is the brand that would suit my mom (she's in her 50's btw, lol). But that day I got a catalogue from a beauty shop near my house and saw this product from Elizabeth Arden. It was on sale and the price was really attractive! So, before going to the store, I searched for reviews online. Thanks to makeupalley and some other informative sites that I found. They all recommended this product from EA. It was even on the top 10 best moisturizer list on totalbeauty.com (maybe now it's not listed anymore, but you could still see the product rating here ). Then I decided to give it a try.

In the winter, my skin tends to be drier especially around the lips area and sometimes it even looks flaky! In summer, due to the excessive sunlight in Taipei I usually wear sunscreen that unfortunately contains alcohol. It dries my skin and makes some part of my face (usually the cheeks area) flaky. So I really need a GOOD moisturizer to maintain my skin elasticity and of course the glow of my face *wink*. Oh, there's another problem with my skin lately, btw. The pimples!! *AAARRRGGGHHHH* That means I really have to be VERY CAREFUL in selecting moisturizer for my face!

Okay, since I have read the positive reviews on Elizabeth Arden, I bought it and immediately tried it. On the box, it claims to "help the skin reach a new level of moisture, clarity, tone and smoothness in 14-21 days".

Now, let's see from the packaging of the product.
This cream comes in a clear glass jar with white plastic cap. It contains of 75ml cream which is quite much for a face cream. In my opinion, the jar is a bit huge and heavy that it might not be very convenient to carry on travel. You might want to get yourself a mini cosmetic jar to carry it along. There is nothing fancy about the box and the jar, looks quite dull and standard just like the other products you purchase from beauty salon.

The cream is pretty thick and scented. It has pleasant and actually fairly strong citrus scent that will stay on your face for a few minutes. This cream can be applied in the morning or at night. I usually apply this twice a day and I don't feel my face greasy at all during the day. Well, during the first minutes of application, it might feel a bit sticky and greasy on your face, but after a while it absorbs well. You just need a good BB cream and loose powder to set this up and you're ready to welcome the day! When I apply it at night, I feel my face delicate and very smooth in the morning. When my skin is flaky, this cream helps to hydrate my skin and the flake is gone in around 2-3 days.

I used to have small acnes on my forehead and they were rampant there! Even after the pimple's healed, the redness remained and that is FRUSTRATING! However, I felt this cream also helped my skin to recover from the redness, which is AWESOME! I don't feel the thickness of this cream makes more sebum to my skin. When I use my Etude House Moistful Aloe Gel, I do feel that it does make sebum and it's trapped inside my pores. But this cream doesn't! I totally this cream and I hope EA will never discontinue this amazing face cream!

In conclusion, this is a totally great product with very good price! I would rate this product 5 out of 5 for the functions and value. It doesn't have a very attractive outlook, but for me it doesn't matter at all.
Due to the satisfaction I have towards this product, now I am looking forward to trying another products from EA, especially its skin care range. I have been thinking about getting the toner, but I haven't bought it =)

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  1. This is my holy grail too!!!! I just wrote a blog post on it too! Yay xxx