Sunday, 18 November 2012

Kiehl's Lip Balm #1 --> ohh really???

Hi there, beauties!

Sorry for the long absent. I've been quite busy with my reports, presentations and mid term test so I haven't been able to write this beauty blog for a while. Actually I have also been thinking of how I could improve the outlook and of course traffic to my beauty blog. So, one of my classmates in graduate school offered me to take a picture of me or my beauty products so that I can put it into this beauty blog as a logo, banner or background image. That is such a nice offer from her. She's a travel blogger, btw. You can check her blog and the nice pics she takes from her traveling adventure here . However, due to the naughty and annoying pimple on my cheek (it has been there for 2 weeks now, tho I have been using using medications from dermatologist. Yes! I went to see a dermatologist 2 weeks ago!), I haven't got a good time to take any good pics. Prolly later after the midterm this week.

I have shared my experience with the best lip balm I have ever found here . But I bought that lip balm earlier this year, right? So when I found out the lip balm smelled differently, I thought it had expired that I threw it away. But a few months ago, in the end of summer, my lips started to be chapped again. It hurt and sometimes it was even bleeding. I tried to look for Palmer's Cocoa Butter in Watson all around Taipei but didn't find anything. I asked the shop assistants and they said it's prolly been discontinued. So I desperately looked for another thing. I bought Vaseline Petroleum Jelly but really, it didn't do anything to my chapped lips. Then I found Kiehl's Lip Balm #1 and decided to give it a try.

Kiehl's is a US brand cosmetic. Before the purchase, was considering 2 options in front of me. The other one was Elizabeth Arden. But that came in stick, solid lip balm. I don't find stick lip balms to have healing effect to my chapped lips. Then I was thinking that Palmer's is also a US brand lip balm. So perhaps, they have pretty similar result, if not better, as Kiehl's is slightly more expensive than Palmer's. I always believe: what you pay is what you get. Thus I decided to purchase Kiehl's for NT 249.

This lip balm comes in white plastic tube with black cap. The tube is full-texted and there is nothing special about the outlook, in my opinion. If you open the cap, you will find the head neck of the tube looks more like pimple treatment tube than a lip gloss/lip balm. In my expectation, a lip balm should have smooth surface on the neck/head, so we will feel comfortable when applying the lip gloss onto our lips. So, perhaps they made it this way so that we have to use our finger to get the balm and apply it onto our lips. Not very convenient, either. *sigh*

The balm is colorless and the texture is thicker than the Palmer's lip butter. It's not sticky, but the smell is not pleasant at all. So i feel like there's wax on my lips whenever I have it on my lips. Yuck!! (>__<") It doesn't have any taste, but since the smell is slightly weird, I think it's a 'blah'!

After using it for a couple of days, I did not feel any significant improvement on my chapped lips. It prolly made my lips smoother a bit, but it did not heal my chapped lips entirely. When I don't apply the lip balm, I still feel my lips flaky and rough. So far, it's a turn off, I'm not impressed at all!

The balm claims to have SPF 4 that protects your lips from sunburn. The active ingredients are: octinoxate & petrolatum, whereas the inactive ingredients are: squalane, lanolin, triticum vulgare (wheat) germ oil, tocopherol, allantoin, propylparaben, butylparaben, aloe barbadensis leaf extract.

After considering the price, packaging, smell, and the effect on my lips, I rate Kiehl's lip balm 1 out of 5 since I don't find it effective in healing my chapped lips. Not a recommended product on my beauty blog!

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