Saturday, 29 September 2012

Still Looking for a Reliable Pimple Buster

As I promised you 2 days ago, I would write a review on a new product that I bought from Etude House. Here is my assessment on Etude House AC Clinic Intense Pink Powder Water based on my experience after using it for almost 3 weeks =)

Before buying this product, I formerly had used Etude House AC Clinic Pink Powder Spot Extreme and Intense Red Spot Balm and was quite satisfied with the Pink Powder Spot Extreme. You can read my review on both products in my previous post. As I was running out of the Pink Powder Spot Extreme, I was thinking about buying a new one. Andddd, I ended up picking the wrong product as I thought this product is the product I had used before (the Pink Powder Spot Extreme!). When I got home and tried it, I was confused as the head of the bottle doesn't allow me to dip a cotton bud into the bottle *frowning*. Yet I still tried to take the water out from the bottle and wet the cotton bud by reversing the bottle upside down, LoL! Don't laugh!!

After doing the same thing for 2-3 days, I just realized that I had bought the wrong type of product. At first, I didn't bother to read the Chinese characters on the information label, but somehow I tried to read it. And I started to be suspicious cause I believe it says: To be use in daytime and can be applied on top of your makeup. Then I checked my trial pimple treatment bottle and apparently it's written: "AC Clinic Pink Powder Spot Extreme" and the one that I just bought is "AC Clinic Pink Powder Water". What an idiot! So I googled for a product info and voila! I was right! This product is to be used in daytime and can be used ON TOP of your makeup. Amazing yeah? I usually apply acne gel even before moisturizer coz I want the medication to really absorb into my skin. Now Etude made it possible to be used on top of our makeup layers (yeah, LAYERS since we normally use moisturizer, primer, BB cream/foundation, powder, blush and sometimes finishing powder).

But still, in order to make sure the product can really get into my skin thoroughly, I prefer to apply it before any makeup. I usually leave the pimple space uncovered by makeup and apply the powder water only. However, I think this product's effect is not as fast as the Pink Powder Spot Extreme. The pimples didn't vanish after 3 days so I tried to mix some products that I have. Along with the Pink Powder Water, I also use Mentholatum Acnes and Sebamed Pimple gel. After more than a week, the pimples looked ready to burst and I stick some pimple sticker on it to make them really burst, but still sterile.

My pimples now are getting much better, only the redness remains :"((. I still apply both the Powder Water in daytime and the Red Intense Balm at night. Overall I can't say these 2 products are very satisfying because the impact can't be seen as quick. I really need something effective for these nasty pimples! I want my flawless skin back!! (T___T")

This product comes in a green plastic bottle with twist cap. It is quite handy to carry on travel since it comes in mini size (it contains 45ml of water and powder).

In conclusion, I rate Etude House AC Clinic Pink Powder Water 3 out of 5, summarized assessment:
1. This product contains alcohol but somehow it's not as drying as the Japanese sunscreen.
2. The smell is lighter than the AC Clinic Pink Powder Spot Extreme.
3. Price wise, it's quite affordable.
4. The healing impact is not very quick and not too satisfying :-/
5. I personally think the watery type makes it better for people who have oily skin since it doesn't make your face sticky nor greasy.
6. The packaging is fine, it's not difficult to get the water out from the bottle.

For those who still want to try this product (or who just realized that they picked the wrong product just like me! :-p ), don't forget to shake the bottle well before use. The Pink Powder Spot doesn't need to be shaken, but this one must be shaken well before use. You will need the mixture of the water and the powder to apply it to the problematic area. Good luck =)


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  3. @promiscuous:
    Not a very satisfying product tho.. :(

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