Thursday, 27 September 2012

New School, New Job and My Pimple Story

Dear all,

I have been absent writing again for almost 2 months!
Yeah I'm sorry about it. Things happened and I gotta find a new job to sustain my living here and of course, pay my tuition. Did I mention that I got into a graduate school in Taiwan? Well, so I am admitted into one of the coolest universities in Taiwan (at least that's what people say when I mention my university's name :-p ) and taking my masters in International Communication now.

Then I finally found a job that I wanted! Well, maybe not a job that I see as my future career, but at least I have something good to do (which is not against my conscience) and earn something from it. After 12 interviews and demos and of course, stupid phone calls that only asked from which country I am from, I got a job as a full timer English teacher. Thanks God I finally ended my unemployment period after 3 months! Well, I'm not actually saying that I hate being jobless, but I can't stand it when I look at my empty bank account. Being jobless is okay when you have much money to spend. You can go shopping, travel, hang out with your friends, bla-bla-bla, right?

Campus Main Gate

Thus I started working, and last week my classes at school also started. At first, I planned only to take 2 courses this semester coz I wanna adapt myself to the new school life and of course new work. Though I had been a tutor for 7 years before, teaching in a class is something different. So there's much to learn besides teaching. In Taiwan, teaching English in a cram school is more complicated because you have to write their "communication book". This is something like agenda that records their daily lesson, homework and their attitude in class. I also have to do oral practice in front of their parents after class, every fortnightly I think. Okay so back to my courses, I finally decided to take 3 courses this semester coz I don't want to postpone my graduation in 2014. Extending another semester means spending a lot more money and of course time! And this week, we just started our real classes. Last week when we attended our first classes, we were only informed to read this and that for our class discussion and this week I eventually feel the burden. LoL! Anyway, this is just the beginning of the first semester, so I don't really wanna whine here. Instead, I feel really thankful to God for the job that He has given me. Thanks for the interesting classes I am attending (and I think this Sunday I will also start my French class again, btw!). Thanks for some new classmates that I met. My life feels normal now.

One of my favorite spot in campus =D

Btw, if you still remember my previous post on Etude House AC Clinic Intense Pink Powder Spot Extreme, I mentioned that it really healed my pimples in about 3 days, right? However, recently I feel the product effectiveness has been declining. I have the mini trial bottle which only contains 5ml, and the water is almost drying up now, though the powder is still quite much. So, I wonder if the water gives a significant impact to its effectiveness in healing the acne. I have bought another product, AC Clinic Intense Pink Powder Water. I thought it was similar to the Pink Powder Spot Extreme, but apparently they are two different products. The Pink Powder Spot is supposed to be applied at night while this Pink Powder Water is to be used at daytime. Anyways, I will review this AC Clinic Intense Pink Powder Water soon, I promise :-p !

In the meantime, I am still unable to take any pictures of my beauty products coz I haven't bought a new camera nor a smartphone :'(( . Been thinking to get my hand on a tablet, but my financial crisis has not been solved entirely so, still need to be more patient :-)

However, I can show you pictures of my school ;-)

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