Wednesday, 1 August 2012

KATE Mineral Liquid Foundation

Since I came to Taiwan, I started to be more into Japanese drugstore brands. Yeah, Watson is really a big temptation since they sell cheap Japanese products from various brands, and most importantly the price range is mostly cheaper than those Korean brands (even when Etude House here is sold at about half price from Indonesian price). So instead of buying Korean branded make-ups, I go for the Japanese brands since from the reviews, I know that Japanese make-ups have better coverage and color pigments.

So last summer I ended up buying Kate Mineral Liquid Foundation. I knew that BB cream is better for everyday use but then the ads say that mineral foundation is not as bad as those common foundation, right? Lol.. I was stubborn enough to buy this foundie and started using it everyday. 

I am satisfied with the coverage of the product. It really gives me a flawless look and pretty natural, I suppose. The foundie lasts for long hours, even after I go swimming or get sweaty, I can still see the coverage and the glow on my skin. Yeah, it does not make your skin look dull and it looks really nice as long as you get the shade that really matches your skin tone, otherwise you might end up looking like a Beijing opera actress?! I used to cover the foundie with Kate Loose Powder on top (now I have Kate Mineral Loose Powder, the upgraded version of the old LP) and my face is free from grease the whole day. I think this is a great product for you who have normal to oily skin type. But if your skin is rather dry, perhaps you'd need a decent moisturizer under the foundie so it can glide evenly on your skin. 

However, after a few months using the foundie, I noticed that my skin started to be problematic. I don't know if it was really because I used the foundie ALMOST everyday (that time I still had my Skin79 Diamond Absolute Total BB cream and used both of them in turn) and of course for the whole day. But I believe it was not because of the Taipei's weather since when my skin problem occurred, I had lived in Taipei for more than half a year. Small pimples started popping up on my forehead and they were DIFFICULT to banish! *crybaby* I think I had those pimples on my forehead for half a year, they've just vanished after I used Etude House AC Clinic products. 

The product, as you can see on the pic, comes in simple and rather dull plastic tube. It contains 25gr foundie which can last for half a year (or even more than that) even if you use it everyday. The texture of the cream is quite light, not as thick as Isa Knox BB cream that I previously used (which was also the BEST BB cream I ever used). The coverage is medium and it has no scent at all, just like most of Japanese cosmetics. It is sold at around NT 400 at Watson Taiwan. I should say this is a cheap product with a decent result (despite the fact that it MIGHT have degraded my skin condition though). 

I rate this product 2.5 out of 5: good make up result with good price but bad packaging and pretty unpleasant long-term impact on my skin. 

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