Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Crazie about Resche Kracie Hair Conditioner

This is not my first venture to Japanese hair care product nor this beauty brand, but this is surely my first shot to hair care from Resche Kracie brand. I have tried cleansing oil from Kracie and I have also reviewed it here in my previous post. Kracie is a sister brand from Kanebo. I think this is quite a middle class product since it has a medium pricing range. Really doesn't hurt your wallet!

I was finishing up my previous hair conditioner from Kao Essential when I found this product at Watson. I was quite confused to choose between Ma Cherie, Ascience, Tsubaki and Kracie (this is what always happens whenever I enter Watson in Taiwan :-p ). But then my choice was down to this product since it was on discount, I bought it for NT 199 for a 550ml-bottle conditioner (around USD 6.8).

The bottle is quite standard with girly deep pink color, I love the color anyways! The texture of the conditioner is creamy, but somehow it doesnt feel heavy and when I apply it onto my damp hair, it feels like it's easily absorbed into the hair stem. It has a super sweet floral scent and I'm LOVIN' it BADLY! I usually leave this conditioner for around 5 minutes before rinsing it well with warm water. It removes easily from my hair and doesn't leave sticky nor heavy feeling after I towel my hair dry. My hair feels soft and silky so that I could comb my hair smoothly. I really love how my hair smell and feel after using this conditioner.

I rate Resche Kracie Hair Conditioner 5 out of 5 for the quality and price of the product. It is a lot better than Kao Essential. This is the best conditioner I have ever tried so far and will absolutely repurchase it!

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