Friday, 9 September 2011

Say Hello to Nadine Salembier :)

No, no, Nadine Salembier is not my classmate's name. This is a cosmetic brand from Belgium and this is coming to Taiwan very soon! I feel honoured to have the opportunity to try its products in advance and write my opinion about the products on my blog. If you want to know more information about this brand and product range, klik on this link: .

There were 3 products given to me: Whitening Cleansing Milk, Whitening and Tightening Lotion , and Vityal . This time, I am reviewing the cleansing products first.

I usually use cleansing oil to remove my make up, but long time ago, I used cleansing milk and toner to remove my make up. Then I found that most toner makes my skin dry as they contain alcohol.

However this time I gave a shot to cleansing milk and toner from Nadine Salembier. So I pumped out the milk from the bottle as much as you could see on the picture. I applied it onto my entire face and neck and then massaged my face. The texture of the milk is quite runny so it doesn't feel sticky on your hands. It is slightly scented, well it smells like a green plant. But the scent is very faint anyways so I don't bother at all. I used to immediately rub a dry cotton onto my face to remove the milk and the dirt, but the Nadine Salembier Product Guide book told me to rinse my face with warm water, so I wet a piece of facial cotton and rubbed it onto my face and neck thoroughly. I did it twice and you could see the result on this picture. The left side is the first cotton and the other is the second. My make up and dirt were removed and I continued with the lotion for the final cleansing step.

The Whitening and Tightening Lotion is actually the toner. This is very comfortable and easy to use since I only have to spray it all over my face and neck. Then I leave it for a moment before drying my face with tissue. The toner is unscented so you don't need to worry if your skin is allergic towards perfume. The toner feels refreshing and I don't think it contains alcohol since it does not smell like alcohol either. My skin does not feel dry after using this toner and I actually LOVE to touch my face after spraying this toner onto it as it feels so delicate and moisturized.

In my opinion, Nadine Salembier's whitening cleansing products are worth to try. I think this is my first shot to Belgium brand as well. I don't buy European product as often as I buy Korean and Japanese since I have always been tempted to buy products with cute and girly packaging. I think most western brands have simple and "mature" packaging.

I rate the Whitening Cleansing Milk 3.5 out of 5 for its cleansing result, I just wonder why I have to rinse my face with warm water then continue with cotton, instead of immediately rub a dry-clean cotton to remove the milk. The cleansing milk is not-so-simple.

However I rate the Whitening and Tightening Lotion 4.5 out of 5 since it is very easy to use and feels good on my face. I know some girls just want to cleanse their face VERY clean so they continue the cleansing milk with face wash before applying toner. But I just skip the facial wash and go straight to the toner. I believe these 2 products cleanse my face quite nicely since I don't see any new pimples popping out ^.^

Additional review:
I have been cleansing my face with the cleansing milk everyday lately and eventually feel that is product is good, really. Because, back on the days when I was using cleansing milk from the other brands, they tend to be oily and I think that was the reason why the toner must contain alcohol. What I still remember is after I cleansed my face with the cleansing milk from other brand, it left dirt on the cotton pad that I used. Then when I applied toner with the second cotton pad, the dirt was still left on the cotton, which showed that the cleansing milk didn't cleanse my face very well. But I think Nadine Salembier is different. The cleansing milk cleanses the make up good enough so when I rub my face after spraying the toner, it leaves no more dirt on the cotton pad. No sticky texture, no oily feelings. Nadine Salembier Whitening Cleansing Milk deserves to get 4.5 out of 5 =)

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