Thursday, 23 February 2012

Dearest Mr. Dark Chocolate

Sometimes you sweep off my feet
But then the other time you drive me crazy
Never have I met someone as unpredictable as you
You change your mood a million times a day, don't you?

How can someone be sweet and bitter at the same time?
Do you think you're a dark chocolate?
You conceal a part of you in the dark so people have no clue who you really are
And when people bite you, you taste sweet and slightly bitter

But after all, people love you for your sweetness and bitterness
Your colour, even if it's dark, it doesn't scare people off 
Cause you are as fascinating and captivating as one could be
Some might even find you addictive
But I know very clearly that I shouldn't be addicted to you
As you only melt in my mouth for a second 
And leave my tongue with your sweetness and bitterness lingering on

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