Sunday, 4 December 2011

Green Tea to Welcome my Winter (^_^)

Holla beauties!

This is my first product review for Innisfree. Innisfree is a beauty brand from Korea and my Korean friend told me that this is quite famous and has better quality than some other brands from its class. I was looking for a skin care for the coming winter and my friend suggested me this brand. Since her friend was coming from Korea, she said her friend could help me get something from there, and voila! Here it is: Innisfree Green Tea Pure Cream. Thank you, love! <3

The product comes in 50ml green plastic jar, so it's such a good choice for a clumsy girl like me. I broke my last Etude House Aloe Lotion *hiks* (T____T") The cream is clear-white and feels light, not sticky at all. It absorbs quite fast into your skin and leaves moisturized and delicate feeling. It has a quite strong green tea scent, I personally like the scent but it might not be very good if your skin is allergic to perfume.

Luckily, the packaging provides both Korean and English explanation. It claims to be 100% pure from organic green tea. It is supposed to revive dry and stressed skin. In order to complete the skin care regime, you need to follow the usage order: serum - lotion - eye cream - cream. So far, I only use this cream as the base/primer before applying my BB cream or foundation and my make up is nicely set on!

In conclusion, this is a nice product. I rate this product 4.5 out of 5. The only minus point about this product is the scent, which could be overwhelming for some people. Although there has been no side effect on my skin so far.

Since this baby is a gift, I have no idea how much the exact price is. But I believe it's around USD 20. Unfortunately they don't have any stores in Taiwan :-(

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