Sunday, 4 December 2011

Magic Mousse for Your Hands and Feet

Holla readers. Sorry for the long absence. So after my last post in September, I lost my laptop. Yeah, it was stolen in my room and thus I had no laptop for more than a month :-( I was quite shocked and upset about this so I moved out from that house and thank God I could finally buy another laptop :-) Although it's just a second hand one, at least it can work quite okay.

And recently I found this product on the net. You have read my previous posts on Nadine Salembier products, haven't you? If you haven't, you can find the posts in September archives. This product is called: MULTI ACTION MAGIC MOUSSE. If you think this is a hair styling product, then you're so WRONG! This is a body care product which has 3 functions: to disinfect, moisturize and soothe our tired legs.

The first reason I was interested in purchasing this product is because it has disinfectant function, which means it can banish germs and bacteria. I like to have snacks. You know, Taipei has so many street food stalls, name it: 雞排 (fried chicken)! and of course they don't provide customers with sink, water and soap! Therefore I always put wet tissue in my bag. However, wet tissue it cleanses your hands from dirt and dust but not from bacteria, right? Then I decided to try this product.

This product contains ethanol, which is supposed to disinfect; panthenol to moisturize your skin; and castor oil  which is generally used to relieve muscle pain, soften skin and banish yeast ( link to castor oil benefits ). I can see that multifunctional product is not a bad idea at all! I mean, if I want to hang out for a daylong walking around the city. When I wanna eat then I can use this mousse to cleanse my hands, or when I feel tired on my legs then I'll just have to apply this to relieve the pain.

Then I read along the instruction. Before pumping out the mousse, you need to shake the bottle well for 60 seconds and then pump out the mousse. When the mousse is on my hands, it makes makes a noise which sounds like burst. The mousse feels really cold on my hands and I feel like my hands are soaked in the ice water. When I smell my hands, they feel like cold lemon juice, very fresh and nice! I don't need to rinse my hands afterwards because it doesn't leave sticky feeling on my skin. I only feel my hands are moisturized and cool after using it.

This is a highly recommended product and therefore I rate this product 5 out of 5. Definitely a holy grail and suitable for both summer and winter (due to the cooling and moisturizing effects). I bought this product for 19 Euro (around USD 25).

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