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Klinik Permata by dr. Wong Review: My Last Hope to Combat Acne

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As I've mentioned before, I have been having severe breakouts since a few months after my return to Indonesia, which actually after I turned 25. It started with small acnes all-over my forehead area and finally spread all over my face, especially my cheeks and jawbone. Those are cystic acnes that's hard to get rid of. I didn't dare to take pics of my severe acne breakouts during that time, so I will just post some pics of my recent breakouts. The recent acnes are actually much better than the one I had before using skin care products from Klinik Permata. Now, they are not as many as they used to be, but still the acnes are red and take sometime to banish :(
Klinik Permata Address

Long story short, I found out about dr. Wong clinic online: dropped by an old blogpost and beauty forum (femaledaily). I decided to give it a try after Mario Badescu acne treatment range failed me. I called one of the clinics (they have 3 branches in Jakarta) in Kebayoran Baru area to reserve a consultation schedule. And YES, you MUST make an appointment by phone early in the morning since customers are queuing to see dr. Wong.

My first consultation with dr. Wong only lasted for 5 minutes. He gave me a hand mirror to let me see my own skin condition that was dry and hideous. Then he prescribed me with a range of cleansing, skin care products and 2 kinds of pills (or capsule, I forgot!). Besides the skin care products, he also told me to go to the skin salon in his clinic to for laser and spraying my skin with oxygen, I believe. These services cost me IDR 700k, btw! So I only took the service once :(

Here's the whole range of products I have been using from Klinik Permata (based on order of skin care regime):

Gentle scrub for everyday use (IDR 75k)
This is a very gentle scrub that is safe for daily use. I use it twice a day: in the morning and evening after cleansing oil. The scrubs don't irritate skin and doesn't dry out my skin. It is lightly scented.
Soap free facial foam (IDR 50k)
This facial foam is very gentle on skin. I use it twice a day after the scrub.
Toner IDR 50k
Toner is a must have product for acne-prone skin since it wipes out the residue of the dirt that's left after facial foam. This toner is not drying and lightly scented.
Argrine- moisturising serum in capsule (IDR 8k/ pc)

Argrine (1 pc/usage)
This is the most expensive product in the whole range. It costs IDR 8k per-piece and I use 1pc per-usage, which means 2pcs/day. I usually buy 60pcs for one-month usage. Apply the serum all-over your face and your skin is nicely moisturised and looks healthy instantly. This product is also scented.
Acne gel (100k)
After applying the serum, pat the acne gel only on the acne areas.
Wonderm - brightening gel (IDR 150k/pot)
Acne clear lotion (250k)
Pore minimizer cream (IDR 100k) 
The 3 products must be blended together on your hand palm before applying them altogether all over your face. Just take a small amount of each cream & gel and mix them well. During the first few weeks of using the pore minimiser, I realised that my pores became visibly smaller :)

In the first few months of using dr. Wong's products, I also took the 2 pills he prescribed. But after 3-4 months, my skin was all clear and I stopped taking the pills (because they're terribly expensive!) and use only the skin care products. Still my skin got better :) 

Actually, even after the first week of using the products, my skin already showed a visible improvements. The dry patches were gone and the acnes reduced. I can still wear my makeup products during the curing period. Dr. Wong only told me to avoid sun light to help the scars fade away and stop all other skin care products I had used. The products from dr. Wong never exfoliate my skin like most acne products do. I never look like a boiled crab during treatment and my skin always feels and looks moisturised. This is how I looked after 4 months of treatment:
Totally clear from acne (with Dr.Jart BB cream)

My skin before using dr.Wong products again this year :(
So, my skin started to have breakouts again since around April and got worse after I tried Laneige BB Cushion and Kanebo Loose Powder. So, in June I decided to use the whole range of dr. Wong's products again to treat my acnes. But still, I haven't seen dr. Wong again this year and just buy the products instead. I still skip the pills tho. So, this is how my skin looks like after 3 months:

My current skin condition
 It has not cleared entirely since I have been changing loose powders (bye-bye Kanebo & Laura Mercier :'( ) that caused my breakout even worse. But the big acnes already shrunk, so I think I can say it actually has improved.

Right now I just stick to the skin care regime but if things don't get better, I might go to see dr. Wong again. Wish me luck! Otherwise, the cost will be such a pain!

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