Sunday, 28 August 2016

Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions: an oil-free moisturiser

Hey guys,

I have been having partial face (mostly on the cheeks) but continuous breakouts these past few months since I tried to reduce using skin care regime from my dermatologist. I have been changing my skin care products, especially moisturiser and serums since last year but sadly things get worse lately :( I mostly used Clinique brands since it claims to be safe for sensitive skin and oil-free. And the makeup products I had used like loose and compact powders actually did well on me, except that they didn't absorb the oil excess from the moisturiser and BB creams and couldn't cover redness whenever I have acnes. So, I have tried quite a few products from this brand and today I want to share my experience with one of their anti-blemish line: all-over clearing treatment.
Clinique anti-blemish solutions: all-over clearing treatment
So, the product comes in a green plastic squeeze tube with a white flip cap. This only comes in 1 size which is 50mL and sold at IDR 355k (around US$ 27). Overall, the package is very simple, and easy to carry in my skin care pouch.

The texture of the product itself is quite comfortable since it is watery. It looks like lotion with white color but it feels like gel. It's easy to apply on skin and absorbs well and leaves no white cast. Like all other Clinique products, this moisturiser is not scented.

The moisturising effect is quite good for normal to oily and combination skin. It also helps my BB cream to glide and sit well on my skin without feeling greasy nor dry. But of course, I won't recommend this product for people who have dry skin with breakouts since it won't help you improve the dry patches on your acne marks.

However, in terms of helping me with my acnes, I don't think it does a good job. It probably doesn't make me get more acnes but it surely doesn't prevent and combat my acnes. Therefore I decided to stop using this and get back to my dermatologist's skin care routine.

I rate this product 2.5 out of 5 for doing a decent moisturising job, the texture and fair price. Unfortunately it doesn't do what it promises, which is a major downside for an anti-blemish solution.


  1. Haduh Cliniquee Emg bikin nangis dompet. Kadang kalo mampir ke standnya clinique Sogo cuma lirik doang gak pernah beli 😝.

  2. Aku beli travel sizenya untuk varian ini. Kurang ampuh juga di aku. :(