Sunday, 29 May 2016

Laneige BB Cushion SPF 50+ PA+++

Hey guys,

I know that BB cushion has been trending for quite a while now. And I'm pretty late to even try this stuff! But I have not been using Korean beauty products as much as I used to since I have been shifting to western brands recently. However, I haven't lost interest in Korean brands at all, so even though I'm late, I decided to give this trendy BB cream a shot. This time, I chose Laneige since this brand's BB cushion is the pioneer in this new sub-category and it was raved so much by beauty enthusiasts. Laneige actually has 2 types of BB Cushion, the first and the most famous one is the Whitening BB, and the other one is the oil-control type. Be very careful when choosing the product on the shelf since they look very similar. The whitening one is in white case and the oil-control one is in (very) light blue.
Laneige Whitening BB Cushion SPF 50+ PA+++
What is BB cushion?
This is basically just another BB cream. What makes it different is that instead of being liquid filled in a tube, the cream/liquid is packed in a compact powder case covered in cushion (sponge) to prevent the liquid from leaking out in a mess. From the outside, it looks really similar to compact powder or compact cream foundation, but the case is usually thicker because there are 2 sponges inside the case (one for BB cover and the other one is the BB applicator).

Laneige BB Cushion Packaging
As I mentioned before, the case is pretty thick, probably twice as thick as the regular compact powder. The round-shaped case is made of plastic and comes with an edge-less mirror inside. Just like many other Korean compact powder, there is an extra plastic cover that separates the BB cream sponge with the applicator sponge. The applicator has 2 colors: white on top and dark blue at the bottom. The material of the sponge is, of course, more like a foundation applicator.
This BB cream comes with a complimentary refill. But I don't think this BB cream is cheaper than the tube BB since 1 pack only consists of 15gr cream, which means one box of this BB consists of 30gr in total.
BB Cushion Case, Applicator and Refill

Laneige BB Cushion Texture
Though the BB cream is covered by the sponge entirely, I can tell that this BB is very liquid-y. When I dab the applicator to the sponge, the BB cream comes out easily and sticks on the applicator lightly. It is also easy to apply the BB cream on my entire face evenly. The BB cream makes a very light coverage but pretty buildable to the medium coverage. I would recommend this BB for people <25 30="" don="" have="" if="" nbsp="" or="" p="" skin.="" t="" troubled="" until="" years-old="" you="">
Since this BB gives you pretty dewy look, you might want to choose your moisturizer/primer wisely to prevent looking greasy. Although it has moisturizing effect on your skin, it's still best not to skip moisturizer to prep your skin. My friend who has normal/dry skin once skipped moisturizer to avoid looking oily but she ended up feeling her skin dry. Patting an oil-control film upon finishing your makeup is also a good way to remove the excess oil from your skin.

Like most Korean cosmetics, Laneige BB Cushion has light fragrance. It smells like fresh flowers in spring. The very light scent fades away as you apply it on your face.

The Price
I bought this BB in Singapore Duty Free Shop. It's sold at S$ 44 (normal price) for a box. If you are a regular user, you might want a special deal: for a special package (consists of 2 boxes of BB Cushion with same color), they sell it at S$ 80. In Indonesia, they sell it at IDR 560K, which is more expensive by S$ 12 compared to the price in Singapore.
I think the price is about similar to mid-high end Korean brands such as Dr. Jart. Though I still prefer Dr. Jart for the quality.

The Result
Laneige BB Cushion has 3 color variants for very light, light and natural skin tone. I choose No.23, darkest one, (because the shop assistant said that it's the most natural one). But I think it's a bit darker for my skin as I can't see my face glowing after applying this. Other BB creams I use (like Dr. Jart, Missha or Isa Knox) usually give me that glowing dewy look, but this Laneige BB doesn't. And that's a disappointment!!! :(
It doesn't give my skin enough coverage either to conceal my troubled skin :((
Also, I'm not quite sure if it's the BB cream or it's just my period nearly coming, but after using this BB cushion for a couple times, acnes are coming out :'((((
Blemishes are still obvious 
Not Very Happy Face with the result :/
From all the experiences I've had with Laneige BB cushion, I give this product 3 out of 5 stars. I think this is easy to use and quite economic since it already has a high protection from sun burn. I like that I don't have to apply the BB with my fingers and the scent of the cream is pleasant. But, the coverage and look on my skin, NAH!!!


  1. Tapi bagus ya hasilnya dewy gitu... aku jg pernah cobain cushion etude malah ga dewy2 banget hehehe

  2. aku juga punya dan hasilnya dewy di aku. Harganya juga lumayan. :')