Sunday, 31 March 2013

a Wholesome BB Cream from Etude House :)

Hey pretties,

Finally, I've found the most perfect BB cream from this brand: Etude House Precious Mineral Sun BB Cream SPF 50+ PA+++! Well, this is still not the best BB cream I've had coz the unbeatable BB cream, for me, is still Isa Knox Shine Dew BB. But I'd say this BB cream is the best from Etude House since it has all it takes to protect my skin from UVA, UVB and wrinkle. It also claims to whiten your skin, it's waterproof and long lasting. Okay, first of all, let me make it clear that I only tried out the samples I got from Etude House. I haven't bought the exact product but I've got quite a few samples of this stuff from the store in Taiwan. So, I've used it quite several times and been satisfied with the results it gives to my face.

From the appearance of the tube, I don't think the packaging would be one of my favorites though. As you can see, it has no pump but only sponge at the bottom (coz you put the tube upside down). The sponge has a small hole at the center, which I think, is used to pour out the cream. Well, the sponge itself doesn't make it hygienic since you can't wash the sponge everyday if it's attached on your BB cream's tube, can you? And probably, you'd waste too much cream since it's going to be sucked in the sponge, every time you want to take it out from the tube.  

The cream itself has a nice floral fragrance. It's very subtle that you can barely smell it. Texture wise, it is pretty light but buildable. However, you don't want to put too much of it on your face since the color it gives to your face is pretty white. It has 3 shades and I got the one in #W13 and it's already very white. It doesn't feel sticky or greasy on my skin, but I personally like it best if it's set with loose powder.

What I like the most from the cream is that it gives medium coverage to my skin! It gives me matte finish but not dull or dead kinda matte. I think it's even more matte than the Missha Perfect Cover BB. I would say the result is pretty close to my all time favorite Isa Knox Shine Dew BB, only it doesn't give me the natural baby skin look. In other words: it gives me flawless and matte finish but not as dewy and natural as the Isa Knox BB.

The best thing from this Etude House BB is probably the protection it gives to my skin. It has SPF 50+ that protects you from UVB for pretty long hours; and PA+++ which gives you the best protection from the terribly darkening UVA.

After long hours, the bb cream doesn't oxidize and it doesn't cause any breakouts to me, either.

I would rate this BB cream 4.5 out of 5. The only downside of this is just the packaging. Other than that, it's very satisfying for me and it's not as pricey as Isa Knox BB (for sure!). It's very suitable for normal to oily skin.

PS: In case you want to see how it looks on my skin, you can check out my video here: The Accent Tag . I was wearing this BB cream + Skin Food Buckwheat Loose Powder in the video :)

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