Sunday, 7 April 2013

A Precious Gem by Etude House

Hey ladies,

I know I'm a bit late this week for my weekly post and I haven't even posted any new video either. I really apologize for these but hopefully this review would compensate everything. I do want to update both my Youtube channel and this blog regularly (once a week) but sometimes I meet some obstacles when I want to record myself. Not bcoz I lack of time or ideas but the tools I need.

So, the product I want to review from Etude House today is the Precious Mineral Bright Fit BB Cream SPF 30/PA++. I didn't buy this BB cream but I got quite a few samples of this and I've seen the result on my face  meets my satisfaction.

This BB cream claims to have whitening, anti-darkening and anti-wrinkle agents, so it's pretty similar to the Precious Mineral Sun BB cream that I reviewed on my previous post. What makes it different with the Precious Mineral Sun BB is that it only has SPF 30/PA++ in it, which means you need to put an extra sunscreen under the BB if you want better protection. As I've said before, PA+++ gives you better protection to UVA that darkens your skin; and SPF 50+ gives you longer protection under the sunlight.

I don't have the real product, but somehow I managed to check it out on store. The BB cream comes in cute pink to light purple tube. It has plastic pump and cap on. So it's pretty similar to most of Etude House's BB creams and maybe most BB creams available out there.

Texture wise, this one is a bit lighter than the Precious Mineral Sun BB so it's very easy to blend and glides nicely on my skin. I got the one in W13 shade, which is actually similar to the color that I got for Precious Mineral Sun, but actually this one is a bit darker. I think the shade matches my skin better and looks more natural. It looks matte on my skin but not dead-matte. It looks nice and fresh. It gives me medium coverage so I prefer using loose powder on top of this BB cream. I personally like this result better than the Precious Mineral Sun BB now. It neither oxidizes nor gets cakey after several hours.

I'm rating this Precious Mineral Bright Fit BB cream 4 out of 5. The only downside of this BB is the lack of sun protection. Just because of this, I have to put extra sunscreen which means there's extra cost and time on my makeup application. So if I have to choose, I would probably go for the Precious Mineral Sun BB instead of this one.

Have an awesome Sunday everyone ;)

PS: Here's my video when I'm wearing this BB cream Beauty TAG: 40 Beauty Questions.
I recorded the video in the evening, so the lighting was not really good. The BB cream actually looks better than it does on camera.

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