Friday, 29 January 2010

Singapore Lovely Trip 2010

My trip in Singapore began with the mall-hopping activity. From Fashionesedaily, I knew that new malls have been open: Ion Orchard and 313 Somerset. I also found out that there is this Japanese brand, which has basic design like Gap. Thus I looked for the Uniqlo store in 313 and Ion. Luckily, I found what I was just looking for: a pair of skinny jeans and a loose tee shirt. I really love the cut of the jeans and the material of the clothes. IMO, they hang very beautifully on my body and shows the curves of my booties (yeayyy!!) ;)

I <3 UNIQLO!!!
This is my picture wearing the t-shirt (and my fave Dorothy Perkins skinny jeans):

I bought the tee and the jeans on discount. I paid S$15 for the tee and S$39 for the jeans. Quite a reasonable price for both (i found the tee is slightly thicker and has better quality than Zara).

After the mall-hopping, I met my friend who'd be our city-tour guide that day. He took me and my family to the Esplanade building, Boat Quay, Marina Bay and Clarke Quay by walking. He was very kind and nice to us, that's why we love our tour guide so much (LoL!! =D)

In front of the Esplanade (my friend is at my right side)

The Merlion beside the Fullerton Hotel