Friday, 19 March 2010

Etude House: Happy Tea Time "Aloe Tea" Cleansing Foam

I was sooo excited to find Etude House in Malaysia. I've read so many beauty blogs from Malaysian ladies but I have never been aware about Etude's prices in Malaysia. Etude House is so damn CHEAP there, it's only a half of Indo's price. And it was even on up to 50% off sale!! I found Etude House's shop at Sungei Wang and bought this cleansing foam as I was running out of my previous powder wash from The Skin Food. On the pic: I also bought an eyeshadow cream as it was only RM 9.9 (what a breath taking price!!).

I bought this huge tubed facial foam for RM 13.9 (normal price), which contains of 150ml creamy cleanser. This cream is slightly fragranced and doesn't make me feel dizzy at all. A small amount of cream is just enough to cleanse my entire face. It doesn't dry my skin like Pond's did, but it moisturizes my face less than The Skin Food Green tea powder wash. So, I think my previous powder wash is better for dryer skin type than this one. Anyway, this cleansing foam is more than satisfying for a cheap stuff, in my opinion.

I rate this product 4 out of 5. This product has the best price, pleasant fragrance, and does a satisfying cleansing job.