Friday, 29 January 2010

My Sentosa Tour 2010

I'm just back from my two-week holiday in south-east Asia. Here I am now, back in Jakarta very gratefully. Therefore I'd like to share some of my experiences during my holiday. I hope this would be useful for people who look forward to visiting these places.

First country I visited was Singapore. Well, this was my second time there and I'm still loving this country so damn much!! Regardless people's comments about how taste-less the Singapore dishes, I love its cuisine. My favorite is, of course, Old Chang Kee, and many other Chinese cuisines in the food courts around Singapore. However, as an Indonesian, I still need to bring my own "sambal" sauce from Indo, unless there will be something not-perfect about the meal :p

This year, I went to Sentosa again. Last time I went there (in 2008), I only watched "Songs of the Sea". This time, I took a "Choice of Fun" package (about S$36) and chose: Segway Fun Ride, Images of Singapore, Tigersky Tower and Extreme Log Ride.

The Segway Fun Ride was quite exciting to do. They call it an eco-ride since this vehicle needs no fuel to run. The ride looks like a 3-wheels bicycle but you do not sit on it, you stand on it. Too bad I forgot to take a photo with this, but you can see the web here: Segway Sentosa. At first, we were trained to ride the segway. After that, we ran the segway for one track. They made the track quite challenging with curves and uneven terrain. I love this ride and might want to do it again in my next visit ;)

My second ride was the Tiger Sky Tower. In this ride, we were brought to see the sights of Sentosa from 360 degree. We can see the building progress of the Casino and of course, the Universal Studios.
One of the rides in Universal studios

My mum and dad in the tower

The Casino

The Merlion

Then I went to the Extreme Log Ride. It was a simulator with 3D effect movie. It was not impressive at all, especially when you have been to Disneyland, you'll think it's pretty boring and lousy. There was an introductory session before the ride started, which took longer time than the ride itself. So lame!! Here's my photo in the theater, wearing the 3D glasses :p

my picture after the game

Proceeding my journey, I entered the Images of Singapore. It started with the the laser and animation show of the founders' story of Singapore Island. The show only took 5 minutes, and I think it's just enough to describe how Singapore became the melting pot of the Chinese, European and Hindi cultures. Singapore really knows how to make a good projection if its image. Here are some pictures taken in the museum and mini theater.

The mini theater

The statues that represent the images of Singapore people, history and cultures

Walking around this museum was not as boring as the museum in my own country. Some dolls can move and talk. It is a very good museum to visit with the kids and students.


  1. The Tiger tower used to be the Carlsberg Tower and I almost got arrested in the Carlsberg Bar in Sentosa for trying to get into a private party. No idea how I got home that night.
    Sentosa is a great place to visit and it is just part of the fun Singapore has to offer.

  2. Now it's even better since the Universal Studio is opening. Can't wait to get there again.. LoL!!! :p