Thursday, 17 September 2009

L'oreal Elseve Nourishing Fluid Day -Leave in-

This is my new holy grail leave in hair conditioner. I really love this product, in fact I think this is the best leave in conditioner I've ever used.

I bought it last month, when I did my internship @Grand Indonesia. That time, I hadn't got my hair permed. My hair felt so dry and unhealthy as I sat inside the air-conditioned room for a whole day. Thus, I decided to buy this conditioner.

This conditioner has a soft and quite pleasant scent. So it won't mix and ruin my styling foam's fragrance.

The texture is more like a lotion with white color. It's not sticky at all, so it absorbs into my hair very well. I usually apply this conditioner after washing my hair, when it's still half-dry. It obviously makes my hair feel much smoother and lighter.

However, this conditioner can't really tame my hair. That's why I still need styling foam or mousse to keep the texture neat.

After all aspects, I rate this product 4.5 out of 5.


  1. nice review,sis.
    ak jadi pengen coba.. ^_^

  2. iya.. worth a try..
    Sebenernya awalnya gw pgn bli nite serumnya.. Tp koq muahalll bgt yaa?? hahaha :p

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  4. I haven't tried anything from Sunsilk for ages! Thanks for reviewing this leave in conditioner, might pick it up when my current one finishes :)

  5. dear Blair, this one is not sunsilk.. it's a L'oreal ;)

  6. Xiao Ling, rambutku berminyak bgt apa juga bisa pake? :)

  7. Onik:
    asal apply-nya pas rambut masih lembap, kurasa seh gak masalah, ci.. coz dy nyerap koq.. paling apply-nya di ujung2 rambut aja :)