Tuesday, 29 January 2013

My Last Beauty Haul in Taiwan :((

Hey Pretties!

So here I am now, back in Jakarta! Yes, Jakarta the notorious city! lol
By the way, I actually arrived here last Tuesday. And during the first week of my return, I have been shocked (again!) by the traffic, pollution, and a bus crash! Yes, the bus that I took when I was going to church last Sunday crashed a motorcycle and as expected, there was thug coming and threatening us. *sigh!

Anyways, I don't want to talk too much about Jakarta here. I want to show you what I'd bought in Taipei before I left Taiwan. These stuff that I bought were not all for myself. I am giving some stuff to my friends, mum and sister in law :)
And these are not all the stuff, I actually went on again for more shopping! :p

 Here's the breakdown of the stuff in this pic:
1. Nobel coloured contact lenses: these are the WORST contact lenses I've ever had. These are supposed to last for a month. But the lenses went dry and stuck (like, folded into 2 half-circles) and when I tried to unfold it, it's just torn! FYI: that happened on my first day using it!

2. Revlon Lip Butter: I forgot what colour I bought, coz I got this one for my mother :)

3. Shiseido Liquid Eyeliner in black: This is the best liquid eyeliner I have ever used. It's waterproof and very easy to clean with either cleansing oil or makeup remover. It doesn't leave black stain around my eyes coz it kinda turns into solid when it dries.

4. Tony Moly creamy concealer: since I have red marks (from the acne scars) on my cheeks, (which is very obvious!) I decided to get a concealer (for the first time ever!) to cover up these scars :"((

5. Tony Moly Petite Bunny Lipstick: It's the pinky stick you'd prolly notice on the pic. The colour is very soft and nice. I also like the texture and it's not drying to my lips. It looks natural and I just LOVE it! ;)

6. Koji Spring Heart Eyebrow liner in brown: I actually wanted to get a pencil/crayon eyeliner but I got the wrong one! Yea, it was a mistake! (>_<) The pencil is cheap and the quality is not very satisfying.

7. Barbie Lip glosses: I bought these for my friends. No comments!

8. Clean n Clear Essentials Sunscreen SPF 50+ PA+++: I gave these to my brother, mother and sister in law. I haven't tried this at all. But it's cheaper compared to Neutrogena.

9. Heroine Make Mascara in Volume Curl: This is the BEST mascara for my lashes. I have re-purchased this product for several times and have always been satisfied! =D

10. Barbie nail polishes: I bought these for me and some friends. I chose the orange one for myself. I like the colour coz it glows and looks pretty natural. However it doesn't last very long. Well, what you pay is what you get after all!

Wait for another product reviews and vlog coming up! =D
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Have a lovely day!


  1. geee. never heard about the nobel contact lenses before. it's a shame. as for circle lenses I'd only stick with trusted Korean brand like geo, eos, dueba, or vassen >.<~~~

    1. Yeah, I think Nobel is a Taiwanese brand. I never tried any Korean brands, but I heard Geo is a good one. I will try the ones you recommended. Thanks :)

  2. Hi, Ariesa! How's Jakarta? I miss it so much!
    Wow, I just knew that you blog as well!
    Anyways, I just followed you on GFC (:
    Feel free to visit my blog! Take care.

  3. lol! Kirain siapa Steph :)) Jakarta is messy, as always :(((
    What is GFC btw? Ahhh I envy your pics in NYC :p
    How're you doing there? You're married already?? wow!! CONGRATZZZ sweetheart :*

  4. GFC is Google Friend Connect, hehe.. NY is ok. I miss Taiwan more! I'm doing great, just busy with job and wedding. How about you? I hope you're doing well as well. Anyways, thank you.. you're such a sweet girl (: Yup, uda married dari Febuari sebenernya but it remains a secret until our wedding day.. hehe. Have a great day!

    1. Maksudnya dah married dari Feb 2012?? wah wah you've been keeping a BIG secret for a year?? :o
      I checked out some of your videos on Youtube and the Christmas season there is just AMAZING!! v(^o^)v
      Oke2 jangan lupa posting foto2 weddingnya yaa... hihihii
      Good nite dear :)