Saturday, 5 February 2011

Yves Rocher Vanilla Body Lotion

This is my first Yves Rocher purchase. I usually buy standard brands body lotion that are sold in the supermarket like Nivea and Vaseline. Since now I live in a subtropical climate city, I wouldn't want to see scaly skin on my hands and legs. So I tried to look for something more moisturising than the old brands. So I found this Yves Rocher store in Mall Taman Anggrek. Considering the brand name, we can guess that the products come from France, well indeed they do.

They have various body care, skin care and make up products. I wasn't really interested in their skin care and make up though. But I think the body care range products were pretty interesting. You can choose many kinds of aroma for your body, from the body shower, lotion, body butter, body spray to eau de perfume. Apparently the products were not as expensive as I expected. I bought my body lotion for only Rp 100.000, which was equal to US$ 11, with 400ml content. Quite a good deal if you compare with the Body Shop price. I remember the price of the EDT was below Rp 150.000 or US$ 16.5 for 100ml. I really regret that I didn't buy the EDT though :(

Anyways, here's my judgement on the product. The bottle of the lotion is made of plastic, very standard and simple. There is nothing special about the packaging. Maybe there is something about the green issue, because it's written like this on the bottle: "ORGANIC VANILLA" and "No animal ingredients". Well, I suppose The Body Shop is their direct competitor as they really have many things in common with The Body Shop concept and products.

The key ingredients of this lotion are: organically-grown bourbon vanilla, organic shea butter, organic aloes vera gel, sweet almond oil and botanical glycerine. I rate this product 5/5 because I am really satisfied with the hydration it gives to my skin. It smells really nice on my body and the scent lingers for a whole day. The fragrance is soft but really sweet. If you are into Britney Spears Fantasy and Hidden Fantasy fragrances, you might like it as well as I do. It does not feel sticky all day, I just leave my skin uncovered for a minute and then the lotion absorbs into my skin thoroughly then the stickiness gone! In Taiwan's climate, it's enough for me to apply it twice a day, but for a drier climate, you might need to re-apply it around 4 times, maybe? Then you can say "bye-bye" to scaly skin! ;)

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