Thursday, 3 September 2009

ZA True White Night Cream

This is exactly the worst night cream I have ever bought and used. Before this one, I bought ZA True White Metavoltage Cream. It's a cream for peeling, it doesn't have scrubs, but yes it is intended for peeling.

Both ZA night cream and metavoltage cream are not suitable for me. The metavoltage cream dries my skin like hell, and the night cream breaks me out. My skin became rough after using it for approximately a week. So, I had to recover my skin with my old beloved The Skin Food Bean Moist Emulsion and my new sweet baby, Etude House O2 White Lotion :)

Anyways, the ZA night cream has a medium creamy texture, it's not too thick actually, pretty agreeable when I apply it onto my hand. But it can't absorb thoroughly into my skin. It leaves sticky residue until morning. That's what I hate the most about this cream. I think, it doesn't really moisturize my skin, because after the cream is removed by my facial soap, my skin remains unmoisturized.

One more bad thing about this cream, is the fragrance. It has a quite strong fragrance and pretty alcoholly. My skin gets along with Sofina sunscreen well (notice that Sofina also contains alcohol in it), by the way. But with ZA, yuck!!

One last thing, which is the only good part of this cream, is that I think it evened out my skin. I can't say much about this, because I only used it for a week. I just think that it helped to even out my skin tone.

The overall rating for ZA True White Night Cream is 1 out of 5. This is no more than a waste of money!!

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