Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Sofina Perfect UV White Protect SPF 50+ PA+++

This is definitely the BEST SUNSCREEN I ever had.
Regarding the price, which I think, rather expensive, it'd better be EXCELLENT! Otherwise, I would've cried like hell, regretting the day I purchased this item. LoL!!

This sunscreen has a lotion texture, not creamy. Therefore, it absorbs well into my skin and doesn't leave white cast on it. It doesn't feel greasy at all, so I can apply my make-up right away, without having to wait for the sunscreen to absorb and dried-up. I can even use it without any powders on. It obviously keeps my skin matte all day long!! Note that I still use BRTC serum as moisturizer under the sunscreen!

Besides the great texture, this product apparently proves its quality. I used to have a white-spot on my face. It looked very distinct that everybody asked me what it was. They thought, I was having some kinda skin-disease. Well, I had happened to me before and it was only because of the sun ray. It was recovered after I used ROC sunscreen SPF 40 PA+++.

So, this time, I'm giving Sofina a shot. I thought SPF 50+ PA+++ would do a better job, wouldn't it?

Then after using Sofina sunscreen for 2-3 weeks, I saw an improvement. My friends also agreed that my white spot was way better and asked what I did to recover it. I just said that I had been wearing a new sunscreen ;)

Now, the white spot is almost erased entirely. It looks very indistinct that nobody notices it anymore. I highly recommend this sunscreen. This is absolutely a holy grail, a must have item in my cosmetic case!!! No wonder it becomes a top 10 picks on www.makeupalley.com.

If you are interested, you can purchase this product here: http://sofinajapan.blogspot.com/

The overall rating for Sofina Perfect UV White Protect SPF 50+ PA+++: 5 out of 5.


  1. wakkss... buat ngiler. apalagi pas mampir ke sofinajapan.blogspot.com nya =( huhu... tebarin racun nih..

    lengket nda, say setelah dipakenya?

  2. Gak lengket sam-sek say.. coz tekturnya cair bgt, mgkn kyk ponds lotion gt kali yaa.. bahkan lbh cair lg..

  3. wah, kalau aku mah belum pernah coba sofina (dari jepang itu kan ya?) soalnya lebih sering beli yang merek korea, hehe.. belum pernah nyoba yang merek jepang.. kudu dicoba itu, hehe.. ^^
    soalnya emang sekarang lagi panaaass.. harus make sunscreen juga ni.. ^^

  4. Ceecile:
    iya.. beda seh sunblok ini sm yg korea kyk missha ato merk Eropa (ROC) dll..yg ini encer n gak greasy sam-sek.. jadi gampang ratainnya.. worth to try.. holy grail-ku sekarang :)

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