Sunday, 8 March 2009

My "going-to-church" LooK

Tonite, i put on some make-up before going to church..
This is my appearance right after the make-up session.

The keys to my look:
1. The Skin Food Bean Moist Emulsion
2. Dodo Club BB cream
3. Etude Moist Finish Pact #2
4. VOV Baby Cheek #3 (strawberry soothing)
5. Japanese Brand Eyeshadow (i dont even know the brand, it's just written in japanese): bought it from Sasa HK for only HK$ 15. hehe
6. Viva Eyebrow pencil.
7. Revlon Colorstay Liquid eyeliner in black.

And this is how i look after 3 hours. Not so much different, aye?? Unfortunately, my cam is not really good in capturing my eye make-up, so i cant possibly take a closer look for my EOTD (eyes of the day).

Anyway, i really love my EOTD, coz i used my new eyeshadow-blending brush from Masami Shouko. This really made my eyeshadow colours blend well, regardless i just used some cheapy Japanese-drugstore-brand eyeshadow from Sasa HK. Here is the picture of my "magic wands" and eyeshadow of the nite.

The other brush is my blush-brush. This one is also Masami Shouko's, which i think, can apply my blush really good. I'm satisfied of Masami Shouko's brushes and looking forward to buy a foundation brush soon. ^^


  1. agak goyang yah fotonya...foto sendiri ya pasti...:-) by the way...guenya mau ikutin deh blog elonya ini...keep blogging ya dan salam kenal

  2. Hey..thx for d comment..

    Sbnrnya itu ga foto sendiri.. kyknya bkn goyang, tp cahayanya krg bgs, krn udh malem & lampu ga gt terang.. hoho xp

    Thx for following. Hope my blog can be beneficial ^^

  3. coba ganti...di set up camnya untuk malam aja...biasanya lebih terang gitu...

    u are very great...

  4. smart:

    hoho sayangnya kamera hp itu ga ada nite-modenya.. jd itu sy cm pke flash.. mknya hasilnya berbayang gt dehh T_T

    thx for de comment, yaahh..