Saturday, 7 March 2009

Make Up Store Make-over ^.^

Last week, i went to Make Up Store (MUS) shop @ EX to get a 'private beauty class". But apparently, they just did a make-over to me with detailed explanations about their products (yeah, it was more like a promotion, sigh!) Anyway, some products are indeed extraordinary, while else are just so-so. Here, i'm going to share only some products that are highly-recommended (by me). ^^

First, let's see my total look, all by Make Up Store products.

So, these are the products that gave me this look:
1. MUS skin serum for Dry skin: the texture is in the middle of water & oil, non-fragranced and easy to absorb. A very small drop for my entire face.
2. Liquid Foundation (also for dry skin): it was applied with foundie brush. It blended well to my skin-tone. There was also a small drop of the foundie brought to my face. I saw it just gave me a sheer look. Well, i dunt need to be highly-covered anyway :p.
3. Loose powder (in "milk" shade): It was applied with a powder brush, so it didn't caked up on my face. The powder is very light and non-perfumed (but it was slightly scented like a flour anyway). I'd say, you can see the difference when you touch the powder by your finger. It feels very smooth.
4. Mineral Blush: the powdery mineral blush is shimmery (the shimmer is very light/microfine textured). It gives me complete natural glowing look. I really love the effect it gave me.
5. Lipstick & lipgloss (in "wobble"): i felt the lipstick was smooth and moisturizing. The lipgloss made the gloss just perfect!! (unfortunately in this pic, the lipstick & lipgloss have been faded, since it was taken after i reached home T_T)
6. Eyeliner (in 'white'): it was applied to my waterline, so it gave me a fresher & wider eyes.

At the first hour i had this make up on, i didn't feel any difference with my casual make up brands (etude, Dodo club, palgantong, etc). However, after 2-3 hours, i started to notice the glow they gave to my face. When i touched my skin, i didn't feel the powder, but i merely felt my face was naturally moisturized like a baby's skin. The glow from the shimmery blush just made my face even better. i definitely L.O.V.E this make up!!

The products which i used, but i didn't review:
1. MUS Microshadow
2. MUS Gel eyeliner
3. MUS mascara (highly non-recommended item)
4. MUS Concealer (to cover my under-eye)
5. MUS cleansing water & MUS treatment toner: cleansing ritual before make-up
6. MUS Cake eyebrow

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