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Body Serums for "All Day All Night" Protection

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It's been a looonngggg absence since my last post. Anyway, I'm so glad I could be coming back here to write another post and hoping you enjoy my new review on my today's body care regime.

So, you prolly have heard about body serum which is the evolution from body lotion. The first brand to launch body serum in Indonesia was Nivea with its UV Extra Whitening & Intensive care body serums (both with SPF 25 PA++), which was then followed by Vaseline and Citra. They all started selling their body serums last year and for me (and perhaps also some of you), it has somehow shifted me from body lotion user to body serum user.

A year after the first launch of body serum, Nivea has just launched its newest body serum variant: Nivea Body Serum Night Whitening. So I happened to attend their launching event at Carrefour Lebak Bulus on May 31. These are some pictures I took from the event:

Since I came late so I missed the Q&A session with their brand ambassador, Julie Estelle. It was pretty crowded cause the event took place on Saturday after payday. But then I looked up to the body lotion shelf and found the product. Oh, apparently there was a special promotion: Buy Nivea IDR 50k, get Nivea body serum Night Whitening 75ml. It was such a good deal for me since I have been using Nivea UV Extra White serum regularly, so I finally got myself 2 tubes of Extra White serums and got 1 mini tube of the Night Serum. 

On the packaging, the product claims to have 10-in-1 benefits:
1. 10x better brightening effect (compared to vit.C)
2. Makes skin look brighter
3. Soften your skin
4. Long-term moisturising effect
5. Moisturises skin thoroughly
6. Evens out your skin tone
7. Keeps your skin healthy
8. Nourish your skin
9. Long-term hydration
10. Prevent your skin from dryness.
I actually cannot see the big difference between claim no.4, 5 and 9 ; and also between no.7 and 8, though.

However, I have been LOVING the night serum from Nivea!!!
Here's my comment on the product:
Similar to the old Nivea body serums. It also comes in 2 sizes: 75ml and 200ml.
Slightly more expensive compared to its day serums. As far as I remember, at Alfamart, it's sold at IDR 37k for the 200ml size (the day serum is IDR 34k). But then it's pretty much similar to Vaseline body serums' prices.
Since it is body serum, of course it's lighter than body lotion but it's not runny though. It doesn't feel greasy on my skin and absorbs fast.
Light lavender fragrance. Somehow it creates the image of a mature and romantic woman. But the lavender smell makes me feel comfortable and ready to sleep tight ;p
How it feels and benefits to my skin:
When I apply it, it absorbs well and fast into my skin. It doesn't leave sticky or greasy feelings to my skin but the fragrance lingers quite long. It leaves my skin hydrated even though I sleep in an air-conditioned room. In the morning, I wake up with my skin still feeling really soft and delicate. I'm sorry I can't really tell you the whitening effects to my skin since I have fair skin and am rarely exposed to direct sunlight.

 To summarize everything, I actually like the night serum fragrance better than the day serum (which smells citrussy) and I also feel like the night serum absorbs way better than the day serum (which reminds me of their original Intensive body lotion). But since they are meant to be used at two different times of day, then I use both of them for my day and night body care routine.

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