Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream SPF 30/PA++ ~ Good for Teens

Hey pretties,

I have been really really excited about what's been going on in my days lately. My days have been hectic, but interesting at the same time. These few days are gonna be my tune-up period, coz I'm getting a job and starting very soon. I think I'm gonna be pretty busy coz there's a lot of things I need to learn about my new job. However, I will do my best to keep my blog updated regularly, at least one post a week.

And here, I have another BB cream from Etude House. I've actually had this since last year, but due to several reasons, I haven't been wearing this stuff a lot. This is the Etude House Precious Mineral All Day Strong BB Cream SPF 30/PA++ Sheer Shiny Skin. Well, I believe this product has been discontinued by now. But I'm also sure that in some countries, this product is still available and probably on sale. So if you, by any chance, are thinking to purchase this product, read on before you make the purchase.

The packaging looks just like most of the BB creams from Etude House. It comes in a plastic tube with a purple pump and cap on it. The pump is nice since it keeps the cream hygienic and easy to take out.

The texture of the cream is quite thin,so it is very easy to even out and blends with my skin tone well. It has some subtle shimmer which can brighten up my skin and create dewy look. The cream is best to set with loose powder, so the shimmery effect will be softened a bit. The coverage is very light which seems to not covering almost any imperfection on my skin. I think it would be my favorite if I still had my teenage skin (when I was like, 17 to 23 years-old). It also has a faint floral scent, which fades away very soon. It doesn't oxidize nor does it get cakey after a few hours. However, I think it has no oil control property so I don't recommend this to people with oily or combination skin.

Another thing that makes this BB cream out of my favorite list is the fact that it only has SPF 30/PA++. As I always say, it's very crucial for me to have a sunscreen with maximum UVA protection (PA+++). I can still accept sunscreen with SPF 30, but not with only PA++ (instead of PA+++).

To summarize everything, this product is perfect for teens who are gifted with minor skin imperfections (acnes or uneven skin tone). This product is only suitable for people who have normal to dry skin. You might want to add sunscreen underneath the BB cream and set it with a good loose powder for oil-control.
So I am rating this product 3 out of 5 since it has several major cons. This is obviously not one of my favorite products from Etude House I have come across so far :( .

PS: I'm going to wear this in one of my upcoming videos, and I will put the link here so you can see how it goes on my skin :)


  1. I know righht!! I don't like this bb cream too and kept on wondering why people loved this!! haha i have oily skin too and this bb cream kept on melting and disappearing haha. nice post btw x

  2. @Filia:
    Yeah, worse thing is, this bb cream also oxidizes after a few hours :(
    Terrible!! >_<