Thursday, 7 March 2013

My Birthday Wish List

Hey Pretties,

I'm actually supposed to update my vlog and blog with new beauty reviews. Unfortunately, my digital camera  is totally dead now :"(( The battery wouldn't be charged, not with its own charger or with a USB charger either. But hopefully, I could try to come up with something else soon :)

Meanwhile, since my birthday is coming up next month and I have got nothing do to until now (read: still being jobless! :-p ) I want to write what I want for my birthday. You know, as a girl, this is just a fun thing to do. Doesn't matter if no one cares to give me any prezzies, I just like to think about what I would buy for myself on my birthday =)

1. A digital camera: Samsung Digimax DV300. It's pretty obvious why I need this one, yeah? ;)
    And oh, please don't forget to include the tripod since I have no assistant to record my video!

2. A tablet: Lenovo Idea Care A2107.
    I just need it to read e-books and communicate with my fellows. No need to be too fancy or hi-tech. Besides, I take public transports every day. Something flashy will bring no good to me :-(

I currently don't have any beauty products in my wish list. Though I have been thinking about Benefit Benetint kinda blush for quite a while. And also Nars Loose Powder. Oh, and there's eye shadow palette. And Make Up For Ever HD cream blush, and this, and that.. LOL

Lastly, if your birthday is also coming, please share what you want for birthday. You can either write it on the comment section below or give me the link to your blogpost. Have a lovely day ;)


  1. wawww...that's pretty good wish list, but i suggest Samsung NX Camera, that's one of my wish list.

    my birthday on Sep...still waiting for a long time but i have a lot of wishlist. here they are: Samsung NX Camera, Sephora Blockbuster Make Up Kit, etc.

    Oya I'm Uma...nice to know you :)

    1. Hi Uma,

      Yeah Samsung NX looks good. Only that kinda exceeds my budget :p
      Plus, I like the idea of having a second LCD monitor at the front side.

      Since it's still long way to go to ur bday, I believe that wishlist is gonna get longer, yeah? =p