Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Carmex Lip Care

I have bought 2 pieces of Carmex Lip Balms, one of them has moisturizing function when the other is meant to heal dry and chapped lips (like mine!! (T___T") ). I bought the Citrus one at Watson and the other one at 7-Eleven. They cost me NT$89 or around US $3 each. That's pretty cheap for a decent brand, aye? This is a US brand and also manufactured in the US. So the ingredients are written in English and French, no Chinese text! (LoL!!)

Each tube contains of 10 grams of jelly textured liquid. It is colorless and scented. The moisturizing lip balm has citrus scent and mint taste, the chapped lips treatment has a super YUCKIE (seriously!!) smell and a hint of mint too. I really hate the chapped lips treatment's smell coz it just smells like an old granny!!

However, regardless the unpleasant taste, I have to admit that the chapped lips treatment has a very good healing properties. I can really feel and see the healing effect in a couple hours! :) The gel texture is thicker than the Citrus lip balm.

In the other hand, tI think he Citrus lip balm is just a common lip care, for daily use, if you don't have any problems with your lips. I don't really like the taste either actually. But it is just much better than the chapped lips treatment.

Now let me think what score I am supposed to give to these 2 stuff? Errr..
4 out of 5 for the CHAPPED LIPS TREATMENT, since it is very economic, has great healing properties and the smell fades away in a few minutes.

And 3 out of 5 for the Citrus lip balm. It is only a "so-so" lip balm and the taste is not that great either.

Revision for the Chapped Lips Treatment:
My chapped lips are getting worse these days and I don't feel this Carmex does heal them. It's so much different with my old Palmer's Cocoa Butter lip balm. Carmex got 1 out of 5 points from me. Money can't lie, it's a BAD quality product!

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