Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Estee Lauder Cyber White EX Skincare Review

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I have finally finished my Estee Lauder Cyber White EX trial set after using this set for approximately a month. I am pretty satisfied with the result and effect of the set, even though I don't think I can afford to buy this set for continuous usage, at least in the meantime. :( 

As I have promised you in my previous post, I would be writing a review about this set. So, here is my personal experience and opinion on each item. 

As clearly seen in its name, Cyber White EX is a range of Estee Lauder's whitening products. The range consists of : lotion, face cream, sunscreen, essence and eye cream. Besides brightening, all products are also to moisturize the skin. 

1. Extra Brightening Moisture Lotion:
When people say 'lotion', the first thing comes to my mind is actually a very light cream (half liquid) with white color and light fragrance. But apparently, this lotion is a refreshing toner. This lotion is used after cleansing your face and before your skincare routine. I use this lotion with a piece of cotton pad, pour a sufficient amount of it onto the cotton pad and pat it onto my face. This lotion is intended to refresh your skin and close down your pores. In other words, it prepares your skin to receive any lotion, essence, cream or make up. 

I found this EL lotion is pretty pleasant. It refreshes my skin, gives a bit cooling sensation and has a faint fragrance. I believe it has a little amount of alcohol in it. But I think it's very little, since my skin is a rather dry and a bit sensitive to alcohol now. The fragrance is not annoying either so there is no big deal with it. 

2. Advanced Performance Brightening Essence:
This essence is my favorite item in this range. This essence is actually a serum. The texture is very thin and rather runny with a light scent. I also found the scent is the same with the lotion. I think this essence is really a great base to use beneath the cream and sunscreen. Apply only a very little amount of the essence and it's enough to moisturize my face. It really gives me the soft and delicate skin that I want. I can really feel the essence is absorbed well into my skin and leaves no greasy feeling. 

3. Extra Brightening Moisture Creme:
This face cream is quite thick and not runny at all. When I first used this cream, I thought this one would feel heavy and look greasy on my face. But apparently not at all. This cream really does a great job in moisturizing my skin. This is of course the perfect match for the essence. My skin feels comfortable after using this cream and my make up stays perfectly on it. It doesn't make my BB cream oxidized, but rather gives me the healthy glow and even fine finish. 

4. Extra Intensive UV Protector:
This sunscreen is my number 2, after Etude House Perfect proof sun guard. This sunscreen is a way thicker than the Etude sunscreen, perhaps as thick as Missha SPF 42 sunscreen. I won't use this sunscreen if I am going to wear BB cream or foundation upon it. But if I'm only going to wear loose powder, I think this one is OK to get along. This sunscreen is also lightly scented. 

5. Eye Creme:
After using this eye cream for 2-3 times, I decided to give it to my mum since I don't really have problems with my eyes area. I have no wrinkles yet, nor any panda eyes. So I thought this might mean more benefits for my mum. Apparently my consideration was precise. My mum just told me that this eye creme has become her new baby. FYI, my mum has a pretty sensitive eye area and allergic to many eye cosmetics. But when she got allergy and her eyes were swollen and itchy, she applied this cream and after a few hours, her eyes just got much better.

All in all, the whole range is a great skincare set in my opinion. The whitening effect is not very instant though. I find my uneven skin tone still exists, but has faded very little. However, the products give me the healthy glow on my face which I like, and if you have enough budget, Estee Lauder is definitely worth a try!!  


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  3. What skin whitening regime would you suggest I use Icha?... :p Lee x