Monday, 26 April 2010

Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream SPF 42 PA+++

I have had some experiences with Missha products before. But none of them has done me an impressive result. The sunscreen was so-so, the pen eyeliner was crap!! I haven't been interested in Missha products eversince. But this BB cream, I have read some good reviews about this, and actually tried the sample from an online seller (from whom I bought my Isa Knox BB cream), before I finally came to a decision to buy this.

This BB cream has 2 shades, #21 and #23. The #23 is darker than the other, though it's still suitable for a fair Asian skin (with yellow tone). I decided to buy the darker one, since I don't wanna look like a lost geisha (geisha nyasar) hehehe. Unlike the previous products, I think Missha has improved its technology and maybe ingredients for its products. It has released some new products with excellent quality (especially BB creams).

This BB cream has no scent, with a quite thick texture, but still build able, though you still need a good moisturizer beneath this, in order to spread the cream evenly onto your entire face. Look at the pic below, you might see the cream has a medium-dark tone, but actually if you already spread it on your face, this makes your skin much brighter. Therefore, this bb cream might not be suitable for dark-skinned people.

It is supposed to do a great oil-control on oily-skinned people. But, I have a normal-dry skin, and I still love how this cream works on me. It doesn't dry my skin, and actually gives glow to my face. It's non-shimmery, and has medium coverage. Though it gives a matte-finish, it's not dull at all. So, I believe this would be great for people with pale skin as well.

Besides oil-control, it also offers healing props for your blemishes and wrinkles. Well, I can't say much about this, since I have no problems with both of them. However, some reviews said that yes, it indeed improves their skin condition. 

There's even a better news about this. It has a high protection sunscreen with SPF 42 PA+++!!! For women with a strict budget and time for make-up, this is absolutely a MUST HAVE stuff!! Where on earth, you can have a BB cream with healing props, decent coverage, sun protection, oil-control and even gives you a healthy glow within one mini tube for only Rp 125-150.000 (US$ 12-15)??

The above pic is my FOTD with Missha PC BB cream #23 and Enprani Loose Powder.
All in all, of course I should rate this product 5 out of 5 for all its benefits and price. ^__^V


  1. I find it too greasy for my skin type, what do you suggest. I like rouge blusher and revlon powders.
    As a man its hard to know the rights things for my skin...

  2. 精彩的文章是我停留的理由~.........................

  3. Err.. I personally wouldn't recommend revlon for ya, Sir. Perhaps Etude BB cream for men would do good for your skin. :)