Saturday, 4 July 2009

Enprani Brightening Sheer Loose Powder

Finally I’ve found my new holy grail!! Something that I can call “the soulmate for my face”.

Yeah, that day, when I rushed into Sogo at Plaza Senayan to look for Bloom loose powder, which was already out of stock, I bumped into Enprani stall. This brand is from Korea (again!). The SA introduced some Enprani products and I tested Enprani Brightening Sheer Loose Powder on the back of my hand. It was really soft but rather perfumey. So I went on, leaving the SA telling me that it was discounted by 10%.

My curiosity didn’t stop there. I searched for Enprani products on Gmarket and found it at half-price from the Sogo price. Lucky me, I ordered the lightest shade right away and received it delightfully.

This 30gr powder comes with a bulky glass pot, with black cap and mini-plastic spoon. The packaging is very simple but rather elegant (well, it’s a bit old, actually :p). There is also an extra casing, complete with sifter, sponge, mirror and a divider (it separates the sponge and the sifter, prevent the powder from coming out in a messy way), to share the powder. I have to say, this casing is really handy to bring in your cosmetic bag.

Although it is claimed to be sheer, I think this powder gives a pretty good coverage. The powder particle is obviously softer than Palgantong LP. It has micro shimmers that give you a healthy glowing look. The finish is pretty matte and natural, just like Korean actresses on TV. The best thing is, this powder does not oxidize, even when I have a hot-humid day. This powder definitely stays good for a long time. The quality is pretty similar to Make Up Store Loose Powder.

The not-so-good part of this powder is only on its fragranced. The perfume is quite heavy for a make-up, especially the sponge. The scent is none like floral, it’s a perfume!

The overall rating for Enprani Brightening Sheer Loose powder is 4.5 out of 5.

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