Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Maxim Anti-perspirant Roll-on

I have a really serious problem about excessive sweating and a bit body odor. My mum has been complaining about it ever since I was in Junior High-School. I've tried some deodorants from Rexona, from roll-on to stick. They're all just making my sleeves turn dark and even more embarrassing!! When I don't use any deo, my armpit still stinks, because my sweats drip like HELL!!! :,(

Now, see what I've discovered from FD forum: MAXIM ANTI-PERSPIRANT ROLL-ON. It does not only stop my sweats at my armpit, but also keep the bad-smell away from me!!

What I need to do is just apply this deo before sleeping (when my body, especially under-arms area are clean and dry already). In the morning, I can regularly shower and need no deo powders nor anymore deodorant!! The amazing part of the maxim is: when I'm usually sweaty in the middle of the day (on the bus), my whole body and face are still sweating like hell, but my armpits are still DRY!!! Well, I mean, my armpits are damp, but it doesn't stain on the sleeves!!

Even better, you only need to apply this deo once a week, or when you need it. You must apply it at night, before sleeping, when you don't sweat a lot. So it can absorb to your skin well, otherwise your skin might be irritated.

This product contains Aluminium Chloride 15% as the anti-perspirant. I've googled about this ingredients, to check whether it's harmful or not. But as far as I've read, the negative effects like cancer is not proven yet. But, sure it does have a side effect if you don't use it carefully: skin irritation and for ladies: you might feel firm on your breast. I also feel this symptoms. Anyone knows what could happen?? Is there anything harmful?? Please let me know, if you sure know something.

Thanks ^.^


  1. I've recently discovered maxim and I'm curious about the same thing. Surely sweating is yuck but I don't wanna have cancer just to get rid of my sweating.. Have you found out anything new or not? Do tell plz..

  2. @Seyma: after I bought and tried this, i suddenly became aware of this cancer threat. I dunno exactly if it has that kinda side effect of not. So, i just use it occasionally, very seldom. Note that you only apply this roll-on once/5days or once/week. It might not be dat harmful, hopefully.. :p