Friday, 10 April 2009

Holy Grail: Facial Cleansers

These are my holy-facial-cleansers.

From left to right:
1. Maybelline Lip & Eye make up remover
The liquid is a combination of water and oil. This is exactly non-alcohol and non-scented cleanser. So, this is really GREAT for sensitive skin area like lips and eyes. You just need to shake it before dropping some drips to cotton, wipe your lips/eyes gently and, voila! The make-up is OFF!!

2. The Skin Food greentea powder wash
This is my first powdery-soap. I use it to wash my face in the morning (before make-up). I feel the foam cleans my face very gently and remains my skin moisturised. I just need to put a small amount of the powder on my palm and emulsify it with a little water. Then the powder turns to be a light foam and slightly scented like a leaf (yeaa,,it's "green tea", btw!)

3. Kose Softymo Super Cleansing Liquid
I can't say that it can really cleanse my face! Because the texture of the liquid is just a way thicker than water!! I use it in the morning or when I just need to cleanse light cosmetics (like sunscreen or lotion). It's non-scented, but it slightly smells like liquid! (what am i talking about?? :p ) It has NO FOAM at all! So, it seems like washing your face with JUST water! I'm a bit confused, do I use it wrong or it is indeed just like that?? Well, at least, it also leaves my skin moisturized after cleansing.

4. The Skin Food Grape Fruit Oil Mousse
This oil cleanser is SO GREAT!! I use it to remove heavy make-ups like BB creams. It is actually dedicated for oily skin, but it doesn't dry my 'normal-skin' at all! It even leaves my skin soft and moisturized after cleansing. The bottle-can is attached with pump on the top. So, you shake it well and push-on the pump. The foam/mousse then comes out on your palm. The foam is very soft and it turns to be oily if you apply it onto your skin. Massage well on your face thoroughly until the make-up is removed. Emulsify the oil on your face with a little water and wash your face with water thoroughly. VOILA, the oil is off and your face is 100% CLEAN!! ^.^

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