Sunday, 1 March 2009

XiaoLing says "Hey" ^^

Hey there fellows,

Welcome to my blog. This is the place where i share some parts of my life (yes, some parts! not all! hehe) But, most likely i'd share the good part ones, so it can remind me those happy moments and wonderful things dat come into my life.

Before going to any other talks, i'm going to tell you random things about myself first ^.*

Name: Ariesa Lie/ 李 小 玲
Date of Birth: April 5, 1988
Place of Birth: Jakarta, Indonesia
Spoken languages: Indonesian (bahasa), English and Chinese (i'm going to start my French course by tomorrow ^^)
- watching Asian dramas (esp. Taiwanese & Korean) with romance-comedy genre,
- shopping-shopping-and shopping XD,
- net-surfing,
- singing @ the Karaoke,
- eating snacks (i dun't really like "heavy" meal but i'm definitely insatiable for chips & chocolates xp),
- exercising (@ home) just to get in shape ^o^,

What i L.O.V.E:
1. SUSHI.. never gets enuf of it.. xP too bad dat i just can eat the ones without shrimp and i don't eat raw food..
2. Coffee with milk & sweets.. i also like mocha & caramel frappucino @ bucks ^.*
3. Chocolates : either dark or milk choc, i love them all!!! hohoho
4. Levi's pants-- i just love the cut which makes me feel sexy when wearing them..
5. Esprit watches-- the style is just simple and elegant, they just go with any of my outfits
6. Freebies-- Lucky is my middle name, and Jesus gives me blessings in every way.. I get freebies very often and their values are quite high: iPod nanochromatic, watches (Esprit, Puma, Tommy Hilfiger, elle), Levi's pants, cosmetics and Crocs shoes..
7. SUPER SALE-- shopping is my biggest guilty pleasure, especially when it comes to super sale-branded items ^o^
8. Korean Cosmetics-- Love the packaging and how it goes on my skin <3.. They look sheer and enhance my overall appearance. My fave brands are: Etude, VOV, The Skin Food.
9. Traveling-- to other countries, esp. the uptown area & theme parks.. Yes, i like cities, high buildings and the crowds
10. Foreign languages

So, i think that's enough for 'about me' section. Anyway, you're gonna find out soon the real me after you read my posts.

I hope you enjoy reading my blogs and not forget to leave any comments on my posts.

GBU v^.^v

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